Recipients of Jennie Levitt Leadership Award

The Jennie Levitt Leadership Award is given to an individual who is currently active in the section and demonstrates commitment and leadership in the organization.  The award is made possible by a gift from the family of Jennie D. Levitt, and is presented by a member of the Levitt family.

Criteria for this award:

Selection shall be determined by the Awards Committee.

Recipient must be an NCJW member.

Recipient must be currently active in NCJW.

The award shall be presented annually at the Volunteer Recognition Event.

Recipient shall be 40 years of age or under.

The award shall consist of a donation of $50.00 to the NCJW Women and Gender Studies Program and Women’s Forum at Tel Aviv University in the recipient’s name and $200.00 to be applied to leadership training for the awardee. Should the entire $200.00 not be used for leadership training, the unused portion will remain in the Jennie D. Levitt Fund.

Award Recipients:

2024     Sheryl Stein

2020     Jannie Cubbage

2019     Heidi Atlas

2017     Sara Greenwood

2016     Laura Gilman

2017     Missy Goldenberg*

2012     Mirra Klausner

2010     Milisa Flekier

2004     Meg Adler

2003     Janet Mark

2002     Rosanne Rosen

1998     Dierdre Baker

1997     Jacqueline Mixon

1994     Carol Barnett

1992     Gina Malashock

1991     Jean Rosenberg*

1990     Lisa Compo

1989     Bette Grossman*

1988     Esther Udell

1987     Marjorie Schlosberg

1986     Jane Duggan

1985     Debbie Graham

1984     Susan Lebovitz

1983     Neva Frumkin

1982     Sharon Katz

1981     Pat Goodfriend

1980     Sharon Hellman

1979     Joan Jacobson

1978     Susan Winer