Recipients of Hannah G. Solomon Award

This is the highest award presented by NCJW.

NCJW was founded in 1893 by visionary, Hannah G. Solomon.  She is remembered when a deserving recipient is nominated by someone in the Kansas City Section and then voted on by the Awards Committee.   The award honors a current NCJW member who is also active in the greater KC community and has changed the lives of others through their leadership efforts and service just as our founder did.  This award is given to someone who has helped to change and expand the role of others in vital areas of community life, and whose leadership has motivated others to fight for change and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community.   The recipient must be a currently active NCJW member and active in the community.  Current Section Executive Committee and Ex-officio members are exempt from restrictions.

Criteria for the award:

Recipient must be an NCJW member.

Recipient must be currently active in NCJW.

Recipient must be active within the community.

Current Section Executive Committee members are ineligible.

Ex-officio members of Executive Committee are exempt from restrictions.

Hannah G. Solomon Award need not be presented annually.

Award Recipients:

2024    Lynn Murray

2023    Milisa Flekier

2019     Carla Oppenheimer

2018     Meg Adler

2015     Berenice Haberman

2012     Ellen Portnoy

2010     Joan Jacobson

2009     Barbara Cosner

2008     Ellen Dalen

2007     Cathy Boyer-Shesol

2005     Rosalyn Jacobson

2004    Sarah Small

2003     Alayne Mooney

2003     JD Mooney*

2002     Betty Barnett

2000     Barbara Holzmark

1999     Dan Stern*

1998     Ann Stern

1997     Merna Siegler

1994     Lois Turner*

1993     Beth Smith*

1992     Betty Jo Marder

1991     Ruth Karol*

1990     Sevi Krigel*

1989     Ellen Laner*

1988     Beverly Lewis

1987     Gloria Goodfriend*

1986     Marge Rubin*

1985     Selma Feld*

1984     Jean Brown*

1983     Roz Ginsburg*

1982     Jean Rubenstein*

1981     Joyce Halper*

1980     Bertha Rosenstock*

1979     Julia Terte*

1978     Lydia Roth*

1976     Millie Krasne*

1974     Rose Reicher*

1973     Dorthy Rosenwald*

1973     Serina Lorsch*

1971     Sylvia Lewis*

1971     Jeannette Cohen*