Encourage Friends and Family to Vote

| NCJW Greater Kansas City Section

Nearly 75% of Kansas voters will skip the upcoming local elections, but what if everyone voted?

NCJWOFKC is excited to use Voter to Voter to encourage our membership (as well as family and friends) to vote.  You might be surprised to learn that talking to your friends and family about voting is the best way to make a big impact on an election.  While the election on November 7th is at the local level and might feel inconsequential, local elections have the largest impact on your day to day life.  Local government plays a role in our health, water, public education, and much more.

Voter to Voter launched in 2018 with the belief that democracy works better when we ALL participate. Rooted in the power of relationships, Voter to Voter asks volunteers to talk to their people about voting – then gives them the tools to do so effectively!  That’s right, no postcards or calls to strangers. Just conversations with your friends…and it’s working! We’re talking to more than 30,000 voters statewide, and better yet, the voters we connect with turnout at a rate 25% higher than the statewide average.  Voter to Voter gives you the tools and resources you need to start the conversation.  When you become an ambassador, you will enter as many friends and family as you want too.  Voter to Voter and NCJWOFKC will NOT reach out to them.  This is strictly for your information and follow up.  Once you enter a friend or family member, you can see a score (1-5) indicating if they vote regularly.  You can then focus on those that are 1-3 (One being the lowest, which means they don’t vote very often) to encourage them to register to vote and to cast a vote.  Sometimes all it takes to get someone to the polls is a nudge.

NCJWOFKC has created their own “team”.  All Kansas members are invited to be a part of it.  Each member who signs up becomes an ambassador for their own group of friends and family members.  You can add as many people as you want to your list.  The Voter to Voter website is tied to the Secretary of State’s office, and while you can’t see who someone votes for, you can see if they voted based on public records.  Again, Voter to Voter and NCJWOFKC will NOT reach out to them.

Voter to Voter is a Kansas only organization.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate a similar program in Missouri.   We do, however, encourage our Missouri members to reach out to friends and family.  You can make sure they are registered and cast a vote.

If you would like to join the NCJWOFKC team, click here.  Once you are on the page, click on “login or register to join this team.”  From there, you can register and set up your own page.

See your local elections here.

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