Promote the Vote; Protect the Vote

| NCJW Greater Kansas City Section

NCJW advocates have encouraged voter engagement for decades by registering people to vote, educating communities on the issues we care about, strengthening and expanding voting rights, and getting out the vote on Election Day. Use the calendar and resources below to plan out your efforts between now and November 5, 2024.

You can make a difference by voting in the next election.  Verify you are register to vote.  Then, ask your friends and family if they are too.  If they are not, encourage them to register.  It is quick and easy.

Live in Kansas, you can register here.

Live in Missouri, you can register here.

Now – November 5, 2024

  • Check your registration
    • Use NCJW’s portal to check your voter registration or register to vote. You can also bring voter registration forms to all Section events and activities (check your state laws to ensure compliance).
  • Collaborate in your community
    • Identify and partner with new or existing GOTV efforts in your community. Consider working with local chapters of the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, or NAACP, or local houses of worship. 
  • Share your passion for voting
    • NCJW is partnering with Vote Forward to connect our advocates with potential voters across the country.
  • Take action to strengthen and expand the right to vote
    • Tell Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which would protect our democracy by implementing systemic changes to improve voter access, election integrity, and civic participation and empowerment.

September 19, 2023 – November 5, 2023

In addition to all the above:

  • Get your voter ID ready
    • NCJW & VoteRiders partnered on a one pager with information about Voter IDs.
  • Consider voting early.

Learn more  here

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