“Light Up A Life” Fundraiser

On behalf of NCJW of Kansas City, thank you for your compassionate support. The work we do changes lives. Giving menstruating individuals period products keeps them in school. Providing school supplies to children gives them the tools they need to be successful. Providing layettes helps mothers to have healthy children.  In fact, last year, our programs served almost 1,900 children and young adults!

Volunteers lead our programs, and much of the work is done by volunteers. NCJW depends on donations to provide the goods and services that are so needed in our community. However, the cost to fund these important programs continues to grow. Our expenses over the last year have increased by 25%. The need is great, and we cannot do it without you.

We are asking you to be a shining light in the life of others through your donation.  Your gift can strengthen our impact in the community through these programs and more:

Baskets 4 Babies – $38 provides diapers, formula, and baby supplies for one new mother.

Stacy’s Closet – $62 provides a full set of clothing and a coat for one child at the request of a participating school.

Back to School Store – $100 provides clothing, a coat and school supplies for one elementary school child.

Birthday Book Program – $155 provides each participating school with books and treats for children celebrating a birthday.

Period Project – $5 provides one period product kit consisting of 3 tampons, 3 pads, and a cosmetic bag to put them in.

Suitcase to Start – $300 provides kitchen and cleaning supplies, bedding, towels, toiletries, and storage for one youth aging out of foster care.

Scholarship Program – $500 to $2,000 per year for four years can be awarded to a graduating high school senior based on need and merit.


I want to LIGHT UP A LIFE through my gift to NCJW of Greater Kansas City.  Please make your tax-deductible donation to Light Up a Life by December 31, 2023

Thank you for your support, and please consider volunteering your time.  You can learn more on our events page.

To donate click here or make check payable and send to: NCJW, 5311 W 75th St, Prairie Village, KS  66208

You can also pay from your IRA.  While doing your tax planning for 2023, you can use your IRA to contribute to NCJW of Greater Kansas City and potentially save significant tax dollars. Under IRS regulations, persons 70½ and over can make tax-free gifts from their IRAs to their favorite charities. If you turn 73 this year, the IRS requires you to take annual withdrawals. These withdrawals are called required minimum distributions (RMD).

These IRA contributions are tax-free and satisfy the IRS that you complied with RMD rules. You must have the check made out to NCJW of Greater Kansas City. The amount you contribute will NOT be included in your adjusted gross income and offers many tax advantages whether you take the standard deduction or itemize. Please talk to your tax advisor for details on how to make a contribution from your RMD — to be sure you get the tax benefit.